The Uses and Advantages of Various Types of Bongs


In today’s world, you may obtain your THC or CBD fix in a variety of ways—blunts and joints are just two examples. Smoking from bongs continues to be the most popular method of cannabis consumption, despite all of the new and innovative ways to practice. But, just as there are a wide variety of methods to ingest cannabis, bongs also come in a wide variety of styles.

We want you to be a well-informed shopper! A blunt and a joint are two terms you should be familiar with. All the marijuana phrases are important to us. It’s also important that you understand how the percolators and gravity vary. That’s why we’ve put up this list of the many bongs you may choose from.

Let’s begin with a discussion of the many materials used to make one so that you can understand the advantages and disadvantages of each one. After that, you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of bongs.


Glass bongs are the most common kind of vaporizer. Because the glass does not alter the flavor of the smoke, it delivers a clean, pure taste.

Because glass is transparent, resin growth may be easily monitored. As a bonus, removing any buildup that may occur is incredibly simple. Glass-me is more costly than those made of other materials because of these considerations.


Plastic bongs are a popular choice since they are exceptionally long-lasting. Only a water mark on your carpet will be a result of a plastic-made being dropped in the middle of a coughing fit.

When compared to other materials, plastic-made is also a good value. It is easier to break a plastic-made than a glass or ceramic one, thus they are ideal for traveling to places. Plastic bongs have just one drawback: they may alter the flavor of your weed a little.


Bongs made of ceramic tend to be heavier and more durable than those made of other materials. Ceramic-made doesn’t travel well because of this and their overall fragility. Because clay is so pliable and simple to work with, they do come in a wide variety of unusual forms, sizes, and colors.

Because of the time and effort required to craft them, ceramic-made tend to be more costly than their plastic counterparts. They are ideal for special events or for displaying in a cabinet or on a shelf, even if they aren’t your regular smoker.


Bamboo is one of the many materials that may be used to create bongs in addition to other woods and metals. The design of bamboo-made may range from simple to intricate, with elements such as metal, lacquer, and paint included in the final product. Because bamboo is extremely durable. If it is maintained properly, it may last a lifetime.


Metal is another material that may be used to make pipe, however, this method is not nearly as common as the use of glass or plastic. Metal has a very long lifespan and is quite resilient. In addition to that, the cost is not exorbitantly high. Your smoke’s taste may be affected when you use a metal-made, and it might be difficult to discern when it needs to be cleaned.

Consuming cannabis is all about making the most of your time and having fun. There is no need to make inhaling marijuana any more difficult than it already is; if you really want to, you are free to do so.

Because of this, we strongly encourage you to experiment with the many distinct kinds of bongs that were shown in the previous section. You’ll have a good time doing it, and in the end, you’ll locate the pipe that is the perfect match for your requirements.