History of Night Gowns; It’s Not as Old as You Think!

night gowns

In the West, the history of night gowns or night dresses is a short one. Most clothing items are even older than it in comparison. This is because people of old didn’t see the need to have clothes while awake and while in bed. Wearing undergarments to bed then was a common practice even among the wealthy of Europe. 

However, the night gowns evolved quite quickly. How? Just keep reading! 

A brief history of night gowns 

Early use of the night gowns could be traced to the 1700s. They were created and worn by people in the upper echelon of French society. Night gowns were simply to display wealth or opulence. Gradually, it was introduced to western culture. However, again, it did not become necessary to wear separate clothes to bed until the 18th century. By the 19th century, wearing night gowns were already commonplace. Before becoming commonplace, it was a luxury item seen as a sign of status. 

Evolution of night dresses 

As the Victorian era progressed (the period of Queen Victoria’s reign), many things began to change in Europe which included the use of night dresses. It was no longer worn for show or to display class but to provide warmth and comfort to the wearer. Therefore the need to keep it simple became emphasized. But till this period, only the upper and middle class could afford the wear. As the years progressed even further, people’s mentality about many things began to change, however, white remained the color for the gowns, and continued to be handmade. 

The 1920s is regarded as the “Golden age of age of night wears”. It was normal to even display your undergarment in public. Competition became fiercer and people’s private life that bordered on nightwear became a public topic. 

From the 1930s to the 1960s, elegance became the keyword, and style was characterized by soft fabrics with long lines. There’s not much evolution from the 1960s to this present day. Besides, this modern age is characterized by “anything you wear as nightwear is cool as long as you’re comfortable in it.” Heck! You could even lie in bed in your birthday suit! 

How nightwear improves your Sleeping Habit

Wearing loose clothing such as your nightwear can improve your sleep and health in many ways. How? 

Improved circulation. Tight clothes such as trousers or tight tops can affect your circulation because they are constricting and therefore efforts need to be applied to breathe well. Tight clothes could irritate your skin, and also harm your body.

Maintain body temperature. The right nightwear can help your body maintain a stable temperature at night whether in a cold or hot environment. Secondly, it prevents you from those awkward moments when you have to wake up and look for your sheets or peel them off your body because of the weather. 

Your brain interprets it’s time to rest. Each time you wear your nightwear, you are indirectly telling your brain it’s time for business—sleep. This can serve as a remedy to many of the sleep disorders or conditions people have. 

As you acquire night gowns, always remember that comfort is key!