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How To Optimise Your Budget for Creating & Sending Wedding Invitations

Optimising wedding invitations for couples should not have to cost a pretty penny to run the exercise.

Fortunately there are some basic methods that are at hand to produce a quality set of cards that achieve the same results as the expensive offerings.


Get Multiple People Involved

Creating and sending wedding invitations can be easily managed when couples have months and months to prepare, but given all of the logistical challenges that are presented, this is time that is often not afforded to them. That is where the involvement of multiple parties will help to work this project towards a defined budget, allowing close family members and friends to do their part once the announcement of the nuptials have gone public. As part of their wedding gift to the couple, many of these participants will be happy to carry some of the workload to identify quality designers, purchase packages from post office outlets and develop a guest list that can be managed from top to bottom without worrying about latecomers.


Don’t Be Afraid To Use Recycled Paper

There can be a stigma attached for couples who use recycled paper for their wedding invitations, but these perceptions are wide of the mark. Not only do the creators get to enjoy a material that offers a traditional rustic quality, but they can save plenty of dollars in the process depending on the quantity of items that are sent. It is a worthwhile exercise for those that are conscious about waste and helping the environment, but it is a strategy that won’t compromise on quality either with many printing outlets happy to facilitate such a project.


Leverage Free Digital Templates

The good news for those couples who are experiencing something of a creative crisis wit the development of their wedding invitations is that there are free digital templates to leverage. From traditional to modern designs or options that are far more niche to include destination wedding themes, seasonal cards, floral arrangements, art deco brands, intricate patterns, scrapbook methods and more – these formats can be copy and pasted or used as inspiration. This will be a choice at the discretion of the couple, dictating how unique they want the invitations to be and how much they are willing to invest in the creative process.


Avoid Glossy & Glamorous Features

Couples can spend thousands of dollars optimising their wedding invitations to make them as exquisite as humanly possible. From embossing styles, thermography and engraving that allows the card to pop out, these features really do add value but they will escalate the bill for the project even more. The aesthetics might seduce some participants, but there is little to gain in the way of value when dollars are tight and time is of the essence.


Scout The Market For Deals

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Whether it is through the post office and the sending of the items to packages that are offered by local designer outlets or wedding planners themselves, it is always beneficial to scout the market for deals. Creating wedding invitations becomes easier when couples have done the hard groundwork and identified a provider who is offering them the best rates on the market, bypassing many of the professional services who artificially inflate their fees because of the brands they are using. There will be times in the season where these special deals are passed on, commonly sourced during down periods for wedding planners across the autumn and winter months.


There really are some simple and commonsense methods at hand to optimise wedding invitations and keep the project well managed within a tight budget. By bringing extra hands to the table and utilising products and services that are easily accessible, men and women can notify their close friends and family members without compromising on a quality design that will be cherished as a keepsake for years to come.