How Should Hospital Radioactive Waste Be Disposed Of?

There are laws to determines guidelines for the disposal of hospital radioactive waste. If this waste is not collected, handled, and stored correctly, serious accidents may occur. And consequently, severe damage to people’s health and the environment.

The management of hospital radioactive waste has as its principle the protection of human health and the environment. For this, all precautions are taken in the steps of collection, segregation, handling, treatment, packaging, transportation, storage, and disposal.

The first step in management is the non-definitive storage of the waste at the site of generation while awaiting final disposal. You are the responsibility of the generator in the correct room.

Subsequently, the residue is collected and stored permanently and safely.

Correctly Dispose Of Hospital Radioactive Waste

The following information must be specified in the request:

  • CNPJ, state registration, address and zip code of the company;
  • name and registration number at CNEN of the Radiation Protection Supervisor;
  • name, telephone, fax and e-mail of the company contact person;
  • serial number, radionuclide, activity, and particular reference date for each residue.

Following the information provided, the CDTN prepares a “Receipt Proposal,” which is sent to the generator. If the company is not registered as a customer of the CDTN, a “Registration Form” is also sent to it.

After verifying the data of the “Proposal of Receipt,” the generator gives the “Acceptance of the Proposal,” signing the summary sheet on its last page.